Studio 2M was founded in 2006 as a free association of architects and designers.
The founders comprise of designer Marek Treščák and architect Marek Babjak.
The studio’s main interests are the design of buildings and the creation of domestic and commercial interiors.
Central to our job is the design of atypical furniture and other interior parts, especially created for specific uses.
The Studio can provide our customers with documentation at every stage of the project,
from conception to final documentation, via company tenders.
We provide assistance throughout the project in the form of personal supervision.
Studio 2M strive to work on an individual approach for each unique task,
concentrating on the principles of perfect function and ascetics to ensure the technical management of both a project’s entirety and its details.

Currently, the studio focuses on design of new and reconstruction of current iteriors. As an example for ou clients, we attach the step-by-step procedure when developing your project, together with approximate prices: step by step project and examples of developed projects : project 01, project 02, project 03, project 04.